Try this Technic for wpa

First things first cracking wpa and pen testing is just a hobby for me. i am learning everyday and sharing
what i learned when i kinda like this community and forum and i will do my best to help others. Good Job to the Admin Big Grin

I think that it is very important to share knowledge between us. i saw that some members are helping the
others with their issues in finding wpa results and i am very happy to see that.

For those of you who are advanced or have more experience this wont be a mind blowing technic but for the others here you go.

One of the easier .txt to generate is phone numbers of you are code! Yes some people use their phone number as password for their wifi.
its a .txt that wont take a lot of space and you can run it with any pc in a couple of hours 2 hours max.

Why should you try this?
Because why not! When you download a password list.txt there will be a lot of popular and random words and even numbers
but what is the chance that the list will contain phone numbers of your area code?

Lets start!

We are gonna use crunch and this is the command

Crunch 10 10 0123456789 555%%%%%%% -o Desktop/AreaPhoneNumbers.txt


10 10 means we are asking crunch to start at minimum 10 numbers and maximum 10 numbers this depend of your area phone numbers
if there is only 8 numbers we will ask crunch to 8 8

0123456789 means we are asking crunch to use these numbers

555 is the area code yours can be different. So all the phone numbers that are gonna be generated will start with 555

%%%%%%% so this is where we are asking Crunch to do his magic may filling % by numbers from 0 to 9

-o Desktop/AreaPhoneNumbers.txt  Finally choose the destination of your new .txt file now it will be generated on the Desktop


i strongly suggest you to merge this .txt file with your favorite .txt file so you can just run the attack and leave your pc to do the job

For this your gonna have to use dymerge (just google it) its very easy to do

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