Help needed to crack a known router keyspace

I want to crack a TP-Link W8963N router's WPA key, I have the capture file with 2 authenticated handshakes and I kinda know the default keyspace from 3 other routers. Thing is that the digits' position is random, but there are always 3 consecutive digits together in the passphrase, and 2 other digits which make all of the 5 digits scattered randomly (check pics for more info)
[Image: qTnhvIo.png]
[Image: 1STqSh0.jpg]
[Image: unknown.png]

The router I'm targeting looks like the 1st picture, Ver: 1.0 since the MAC address is similar and starts by C4:71:54 as well.
If somebody can crack them using the attached files please? Or a way to guess/optimize the mask based on this default keyspace, since the one I'm using atm is ?d?l?l?d?d?d?l?d?l?l [10] (Length is always 10 btw) but it's hard to guess the position of the digits and it'll take me 113 days on my current hardware to finish  Undecided

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